Types of Fostering

Children and young people placed with HMG Foster Carers have unique and diverse needs and cannot remain living in their family home for various reasons.

The length of time a child may stay with a Foster Carer will vary from a few days to several months, or even longer, possibly a year or more, if it is not safe for them to return home. With short-term and long-term foster care, there are different types of fostering as detailed below.

All children and young people who are fostered will have experienced a disrupted and difficult upbringing and will, therefore, present behaviours which require patience, understanding and care. They may have had specialist input from psychological and/or education support services, however, they are not assessed as in need of further specialist support other than a stable, nurturing, caring fostering placement.

This is a specialist type of fostering for which extra training is available. Foster Carers undertaking this fostering role provide guidance and routine for a parent (often a young mum) and their baby so they can look after their child safely in the community.

Some of these young people have experienced trauma and neglect. As a result of this, they can have difficulty forming attachments, trusting adults, and may struggle to settle and bond. Care+ is a therapeutic approach to foster care and provides a bespoke package to support each individual child and their Foster Carers, including training on therapeutic foster care.

HMG 360 is a therapeutically led fostering service overseen by a qualified psychologist. HMG 360 is our most comprehensive type of placement offering the most support to our Foster Carers. It offers a highly intensive support package to Foster Carers to enable us to provide an outstanding service that gives challenging young people an alternative to residential care.

Going into foster care can be traumatic for a child and being separated from their siblings can make this worse. This is why we will always try to find foster homes for siblings where they can stay together as long as this is in each of their best interests.

Remand placements are provided by specially trained Foster Carers for children and young people currently in the criminal justice system or on the verge of being in the criminal justice system.

For a young person who will have more than the average needs, from medium to high learning needs or medium to high physical needs and/or disabilities.

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